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Me a Enjoy Myself! January 10, 2013

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I’m Alive!  You guys saw the guest post from Kacie and Lacey’s trip to JamRock, and know that we had a blasty blast!  I’m sorry it seems as if I have dropped from the face of the earth but I am here, in the bush, living it up.  Jamaica, no problem, right?

So, some updates:

-We finally got the new computers for the community centre.  We don’t have internet yet, but soon, and that’s good news for me since I need to start a jog search.

The new computers and desks!  YAY!

The new computers and desks! YAY!

-Sharlon and I left, as they say in JA, meaning we broke up. Relationships are complicated, nuff said.  So, right now I’m happily living single life, I only wish the boys in my community would stop telling me about how I must be lonely and in search of a good buddy, as the penis is often called.  I’m not taking them up on the offer, however, I live in a small town, and as any small town goes, people love to chat and gossip so I’ve heard all kinds of cRaZy rumors about myself.  Oh well, I’m stronger than people think and I’m a gwan and hold my head up high.

-Jackie Marshall, my non-cousin from Idaho, and I rode our bicycles to Mount Charles (approx. 10 miles, mostly hills) to check my friend whom I met through Liz, Den Den, for her baby’s christening.  That was fun!

Picture 019

Jackie, Den Den and I in Mount Charles!

-Val and I spent a day with my friend Chris and Allison, from OK State, in Ochi in December.  They were on a cruise ship and docked for a day so we took them shopping and introduced them to some fine Jamaican cuisine.  We came back through town and crashed the basic school trip to Devon House and Hope Gardens.  Fun Times!

-PC bought me a new pair of glasses cause I lost mine bathing in the river one night.

-I partied my way through the holidays.  Lots of dancing and dressing up.  One night I fell in a gully, but the injuries weren’t significant!

Shanna and me!

Shanna and me!

Kadian, Yanique and me, before St. Thomas Link Up, a big Beach Party!

Kadian, Yanique and me, before St. Thomas Link Up, a big Beach Party!


-I brought in the NEW YEAR in my BED!  And spend the first day of 2013 cleaning my house.

More pictures of all these adventures can be found on facebook.

As always, thank for keeping up!  I’ll try better to keep you updated!  Likkle more!


4 Responses to “Me a Enjoy Myself!”

  1. Lindsey C. Says:

    Glad to see you are doing so well! Miss you! I teach anatomy this spring at the community college here in town and will surely tell the story of your uvula! Ha! Love and miss you!

  2. Christine burd Says:

    Sarah, Best wishes to you for a great new year. Thanks for keeping us up to date and for the wonderful pictures.. you look stunning. Chris (brie’s mom)

  3. Jason Says:

    Love you! Miss you. I still want a tree root bracelet. :)

  4. Karen Says:

    Sarah…Happy New Year!!! Since Haleigh Jo is going to be 2 (and it has been a quick 2 years), then you have been gone for 2 years–unbelievable!!! I am now babysitting our girl everyday, so Staci can be our 4-H agent…I know you heard from your Dad, since I ran into him. It sure made for us an exciting holiday season….but maybe we are about to be settled in…this weather is so crazy-today it was in the 60′s….should be cold again next week….I believe you are taking care of yourself, working, having fun, etc. Keep the stories coming when you can…Karen

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