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A Long Weekend of Adventures with Friends from Foreign.! December 20, 2012

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Sarah, Me, & Kacie

Sarah, Me, & Kacie

My name is Lacey Vedral, and I met Sarah while she attended graduate school at Oklahoma State University. Myself and another friend, Kacie George, whom each of us also met at OSU decided to go down to visit Sarah in Jamaica for Thanksgiving. Since Kacie and I both work in different states, we decided since we finally have money of our own and Thanksgiving off we would meet in Miami and head south!! I would now like to share a few stories from the trip as a “guest blogger.”

Wednesday- Kacie and I arrived at Kingston’s airport around 9:30pm. As we got to the customs line, we did not have an address for where we were staying with Sarah, all we knew was a town. The customs officers kicked us out of line and said call your friend and get an address or you can’t come in. We called Sarah and were told she doesn’t have an address, it’s just a town and a parish, so we went back to the officers, told them our findings, and they finally let us in. *I think they were just testing to see if we knew where we were going at all.* We were finally in Jamaica, and reunited with Sarah after about 1 ½ years, we were so excited. We then got in the car and drove about 2 ½ hours back to Somerset, Sarah’s town. Once here we sat and chatted, catching up on all the latest news with each of us, and before we knew it, it was 2 o’clock am and we decided to hit the beds.

Thursday- Today was beach day. We got up early, rented a car, and took off for adventure. We decided our first stop would be a lighthouse at Holland Bay, the most eastern point of the island. Well after about an hour and a half travelling through the sugar cane mazes, we found it! It was beautiful to see the old lighthouse on the coast. Next we decided we would travel north on towards Portland along the coastal highway, and stop along the way in Boston and grab some jerk chicken (Awesome), pork (Even more AWESOME), carnival (Delicious), and bag juice (Like Kool-Aid in a bag, wonderful). We then had a few miles left before Portland when we were suddenly stopped by an officer. We ended up getting a ticket for a “bald tire.” The officer had to find some reason to ticket us since he found no weed on three white American girls, but he definitely questioned us enough about having some. After getting aggravated with the cop, we decided to finish the rest of the way to Portland., and we stopped at the Port Antonio marina to eat our lunch, and grab a quick ice-cream. We then headed to the beach where we laid out and had a few beers. Once we were done waiting on the sun to stay out from behind the clouds, we headed back towards the house. Along the way, we stopped by and met another peace core volunteer, Jackie. After a short chat we headed back to Somerset where our rent car’s wheel was making a loud noise, and we got to experience our first set of COLD showers (you definitely got your business done quickly). Later this evening we sat around and talked to Sarah’s neighbor for a few hours before hitting the sack.

Friday- Sarah had a friend, Ryan, stop in to take a look at the wheel, seemed to be a loose lug-nut which we got sorted out just fine. We then decided we would walk up to the river and take advantage of the sun…so we laid in the sun and river for a few hours, and it was perfect serenity. We then walked down the road to another friend’s house where Kacie and I watched as Sarah and a few others got things ready for food items at the farmer’s fair, which was taking place on Saturday. Here the ladies were cooking rice, cracking, peeling, and grating coconuts, cutting goat, etc. We then decided it was time to head back to the house as we each needed to shower and get ready for a night at the club. We finished getting ready and took off for a house party along with Sarah’s friends Rasta and Kaneil, which was a totally different experience, but so much fun. We then went to the club, where we had a total blast dancing and such till 5:15 a.m. luckily some guys were nice enough to give us a lift back to Sarah’s in their car. We got home and still sat outside and talked till 6:15 or so…yes, the sun was on its way up! Bed sounded amazing by this time.

Saturday- We didn’t wake up as late as you would expect, about 10:30a.m….we got showered dressed and ready for the farmer’s fair. We walked down to the fair where we watched most of the local boys playing soccer, ate some fabulous fresh food, bought multiple treats and goodies made by the women from the night before, took lots of pictures, and met and talked to even more GREAT people. We also stopped over at Rasta’s house where Kacie and I both got a bowl of soup that had breadfruit, and chicken foot….yes CHICKEN FOOT! It was quite interesting… Kacie couldn’t do the texture and immediately spit it out; me on the other hand ate it slowly, made some awkward faces, and managed to keep it all in. It was fun to try, and like they say you can’t say you hate it unless you try it. Later that evening we decided to go take naps before another night on the town. The naps were fabulous! We got up and started getting ready when Kacie decided she was too tired and sore to go out tonight, but she didn’t want to keep us from going, so Sarah and I got ready met up with Stacy and walked down to the crossroads. Here we enjoyed some drinks and LOUD music. It was fun, but not nearly as exciting as the night before in the club! On the way home, I said most of my good-byes since I wouldn’t see most of them on Sunday. We got home and climbed in the bed.

Sunday- We got up, Kacie and I showered and packed our things, but didn’t want to leave! We then headed to the airport, and said our good-byes to Sarah. It was sad to go, but we had an absolute blast, and well needless to say are planning a return trip before Sarah hits the States!!!

Once again, I would like to say THANK YOU to Sarah for allowing us to come visit and showing us such an exciting and memorable time!! J Thanks again for allowing me to share my story on your blog, I hope each of you enjoy!!

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One Response to “A Long Weekend of Adventures with Friends from Foreign.!”

  1. Sheyenne Says:

    How fun doing a guest blog! I check once a week to see if anything new has been shared by Sarah. Oh, the delight I had to see that something new has been added. Now I just need to get my tush down there to see her myself!

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